The Cultural Association "Le Tarot"

is an organism of historical and symbolic studies specialized in the planning of exhibitions, cultural shows and events.

The Association “Le Tarot” created important exhibition events including the most important international exhibitions about the Tarots, for which it has obtained the Patronage of the Italian Ministry for the Cultural and Environmental Heritage (Protocol n. 16638 dated January 1995).

The Association “Le Tarot” can boast the co-operation of important museums and libraries, like the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts in New York, the National Gallery in Washington, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Warburg Institute in London, the Graphische Sammlung Albertina in Vienna, the National Bibliothèque in Paris, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich, the Gallery of the Uffizi in Florence, the Egiptian Museum in Turin, the International Museum of the Ceramics in Faenza, the Archaeological Civic Museum in Bologna, the Marciana Library in Venice, the Library of the Archiginnasio in Bologna, the Communal Library in Mantova, etc.

The Association “Le Tarot” conducted its researches for more than thirty years and has collected to date a wide range of artistic and historical works about Tarot and other matters.

Now its Collections, structured in form of exhibitions, are available to whoever requires them. Each of them is provided with indications about general structure, different exhibition sections with some photographs and any other useful information.


Andrea Vitali



Andrea Vitali was born on March the 2nd 1952 in Faenza.
He has graduated in classical studies at the Bologna University and has subsequently achieved the Diploma of Post-University Improvement in Musicology. In the meanwhile he has been studying to be an Archivist, Paleography and Diplomat at the State Archives in Bologna.
After various years of teaching and direction of a town library, he widened the study of symbolism and the iconology of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, his greatest interest, with particular attention to the religious and profane celebrations days and the structure of the triumphal processions, objects of his thesis of degree.

Tarots: History Art Magic

An International Exhibition


This exhibition, not has been projected to let people know the history of tarots through a presentation of numerous card decks, but has also been conceived introducing their production in the amplest context of religious, philosophical, anthropological and artistic history of the various centuries in which they are born, developed first in Europe and then in the whole world. The exhibition has the patronage of the Ministry for the Cultural and Environmental Heritage.

Essays by Andrea Vitali

Iconographical Essays


Different iconographic discoveries made by Professor Andrea Vitali, concerning  the card of the Hanged Man and the Tower (House of Devil - House of God),  have been introduced by himself in 1987 in the occasion of the exposure The Cards of Court.  Tarots. Game and Magic in the Estense Court, the greatest exhibition about Tarots of international level made in Ferrara near the Estense Castle and in the circumstance of the exposure Tarots:  Art and Magic (Cards: Temperance, Stars, Moon, Sun, World) shown up in Bologna near the Archaeological Civic Museum in 1994, exposures edited by professor Andrea Vitali for what concerns the historical-scientific project and the documentary selection