1/21/2020 The Jewish fake Count, a XVIIth century Giudiata

Another document where Tarocco means mad

11/15/2019 The Visconti di Modrone Tarot

One of three surviving hand-painted tarots with Visconti heraldic features

10/14/2019 Process to Paolo Orgiano - 1605

Rapist of women and tarot player

8/13/2019 The Sola Busca Tarot

Alchemical or Otherwise? Comparative hypothesis

2/4/2019 Matto as a false and insigificant person

From dictionaires and pages of literature

1/25/2019 The Mystical Staicase in the "Sermo de Ludo"

An example of the concept 'Ludendo Intelligo' (Playing and Learning)

1/12/2019 A King of Tarochi - 1584

A king without sense in the Italian vernacular languages of the sixteenth century

1/5/2019 The story of the Popess Joan

"Because there is the Pope, there must also be the Popess"

1/3/2019 Taroco Satiro - 1605

The attribute of false in a pagan temple