The People of Mose

Jewish culture and civilization

Andria (Bari), Ducal Palace, 4 September - 31 October 1998

Promoting Body
Municipality of Andria

Ministry of National Heritage and Culture
Italy - Israel Association
Community Association of Andria, Minervino Murge, Ruvo di Puglia, Trani
Puglia Region - Culture and Tourism Department

Historical - Scientific Plan
Cultural Association “Le Tarot” of Faenza in co-operation with Doctor. Anna Blayer and Prof. Dora Liscia- Bemporad

Scientific Committee
Giordano Berti                    Essayist, Chairman of the Graf Institute
Errico Centofanti               Essayist, artistic director of Festival “Castel dei Mondi”
Franco Cardini                   Medieval History, Florence University
Cesare Colafemmina         Jewish Epigraphy and Antiquity, Florence University
Dora Liscia-Bemporad      History of Applied Art, Florence University 
                                                Director of the Jewish Museum of Florence
Alessandro Grossato          History of Western Asia Institution, University of Trieste
Alberto Sermoneta            History of Jewish Liturgy,
                                                 Teresianum Pontifical Institute of  Rome
Andrea Vitali                      Iconologist, Chairman of the Association “Le Tarot”
                                                 Artistic director of Festival “Castel dei Mondi” of Andria

Catalogue edited by Giordano Berti
Errico Centofanti - Andrea Vitali     
An exhibition aimed at broadening the horizons in knowledge
Giordano Berti                      
The People of Moses
Alberto Sermoneta             
Jewish holidays
Alessandro Grossato           
Metaphysics and symbolism of the Jewish Year
Dora Liscia-Bemporad       
Ceremonial vestments in southern Italy
Cesare Colafemmina          
Hebrews in Andria between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Francesco Poli                      
"Ebrea" and the Wailing Wall by Fabio Mauri

Origin of displayed works
G. Invernizzi private collection, Como
D. Liscia-Bemporad private collection, Florence
Jewish Community Museum, Florence
G. Bedarida private collection, Livorno
Jewish Museum, Livorno
Jewish Community, Padua
Jewish Community, Pisa
Jewish Museum of Art, Rome
Cesare Vivante private collection, Venice
Giovannina Reinish private collection, Venice