Claudio Widmann

Claudio Widmann is a jungian analyst. He practices as professional man in Ravenna, and teaches the Archetype theory, the Psychodynamics of Imaginative life, the Psychological Meaning of Symbols in many post-graduate schools for psychotherapists. He has particularly studied in depth the symbology of the colours, of alchemy, of destiny, of money, of crib, of Dante’s poem The Divine Comedy, of tarot.  He was promoter and scientific secretary in the following meetings: Ecological-mind, The Journey as a Metaphor of Life, The Psychology of the Colour, Caring images, The Rite, The Evil.


He published about ten essays, among which:
The symbolism of the colours, Edizioni Scientifiche MaGi, Rome
Imaginative Psychotherapies, Edizioni Scientifiche MaGi, Rome
The Symbology of the Crib, Edizioni Scientifiche MaGi, Rome
 On destiny, Edizioni Scientifiche MaGi, Rome
The Myth of Money, Edizioni Scientifiche MaGi, Rome
Handbook of autogenic training, Edizioni del Girasole, Ravenne

At present his book The arcane of life, the symbolism of tarot in light of the Jungian psychology is in preparation.


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