Girolamo Zorli

Girolamo Zorli - socio Girolamo Zorli was the author of Il Tarocchino Bolognese (Forni, Bologna, 1992). Particolar acknowledgement have received his recent studies about Francesco Berni’s Primero (1526), about Girolamo Cardano’s Trappola (1521), about Alberto Lollio’s tarot played Terziglio (1550) and about Girolamo Cardano’s Primero (1540).

Girolamo Zorli founded the site to preserve and offer on-line Italian many traditional card games.

He is a founding member and historian of the Accademia del Tarocchino Bolognese ( ).  Many of his works can be found in the International Playing-Card Society Journal. 

The friend Girolamo Zorli passed away on August 28, 2023.